Need to order from multiple restaurants at the same time from your table without the intervention of waiters? Don’t worry, YummZ Check-In App has got your back!

YummZ Check-In App caters to Mexican markets which offer a variety of cuisines under a single roof. From the moment you set your foot in the market, YummZ Check-In gets into action.


The Complete Script

Yummz is a mobile application available on Android and iOS that caters to hungry customers in Mexican markets. With the help of Yummz Check-in, earnest foodies can order for themselves without any manual intervention of the waiter. Yes, the force is with you!  

The whole package is loaded with the following incredible sub systems and apps enabling the Merchant to manage the system perfectly and the Consumer to have a hassle-free experience.


Consumer ANDROID & iOS App


Restaurant/Merchant Web Admin Panel for managing Orders, Deliveries, Food Items & their categories.


Admin Web Panel to manage all - Payments, Commissions, Consumer, Restaurants, etc.

How it works

Core Features

Zero Delivery Charges

You pay only for the food you eat. No extra charges for this fabulous service!

Loaded with Power

YummZ Check-In uses the different features of your smartphone to accelerate everything!

Multiple restaurants

Take your seat and order away through YummZ Check-In App! You can order from more than one restaurant in the market at the same time.

Intelligent UI

Its superfast yet simple interface effectively shortens the time to order for your food. Just a few taps on your smartphone and fresh food comes your way within a few minutes.


Prompt push and email notifications for each step of the order and delivery process.

Secure Log In

Have no worries, YummZ Check-In comes with easy and secure checkout to help keep your information secure.



With the help of YummZ Check-In, you need not fret to get the attention of the waiter to place your order. Your digital waiter will come to your rescue!

  • It’s fast and simple to use!

    YummZ Check-In application acts as a bridge between you and your food. It avoids anything that will stretch the ordering process unnecessarily. Upon choosing a restaurant in the market, you can select what you like from the menu. Thus, everything is digital!

  • The entire market at your fingertips!

    YummZ Check-In gives you the freedom to choose from multiple restaurants for your family without rising from your table. No more cribbing when you prefer Chinese food and your wife wants some good ol’ chicken soup for her soul! You have the liberty to select from multiple restaurants at the same time! What more can a foodie desire?

  • Intelligent Payment Options
    Tired of providing card details for payment? Scan your card instead! Our astonishingly intelligent application immediately decodes your card details and gets your order placed. No need to type down your details anymore! Or if you want to pay cash instead, you can choose that option and pay for your food when it is served.

    So what are you waiting for? Download YummZ Check-In app now!

Merchant Web Admin


Intuitive UI


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